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Polyacrylamide solution is divided into 5 tips

Date of issue:2018-09-19 14:35
The solution of polyacrylamide can be divided into 5 major strategies:
The first stroke: polyacrylamide solution concentration is not easy to be too high, generally in the thousandths of 0.5 -1 or so. The stirring and dissolving time of polyacrylamide is not easy to be too long. Generally, the stirring time is about 1-1.5 hours, otherwise the dispersing effect will be destroyed.
Second tip: polyacrylamide should be dissolved now, because the solution of polyacrylamide will automatically hydrolyze within 20-48 hours, losing viscosity and eventually losing dispersion.
Tip 3: polyacrylamide cannot be completely dissolved when dissolved, there must be a small part of the gel group is not completely dissolved, so in the application of the filter must be added to prevent these gel group into the paper machine, hanging nets and sticky cloth or produce paper disease.
The fourth move: in the paper machine began to string water, to add the first cationic polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide exists in the system to prevent the formation of the long fiber without dispersion, so that the production more quickly to reach the normal state. Because polyacrylamide cannot be added too much at once, it must be added evenly, at a uniform rate, and dispersed. And the speed that joins cannot too fast, be in commonly 0. 15 kilograms/minute or so advisable. When the polyacrylamide is added to the water, a certain pressure of fresh water should be injected into the addition point, so that it will be diluted and dissolved immediately after being added to the water to achieve the best solution effect.
Fifth: when the amount of polyacrylamide changes, the pulp on the paper machine dehydration rate will change. If the amount of polyacrylamide is adjusted too much, dehydration will occur too fast or too slow, which will affect the normal and stable production. Therefore, in the normal production of paper machine, do not arbitrarily adjust the amount of polyacrylamide. The appropriate type of ion for polyacrylamide used as long fiber dispersant is anion or non-ionic flocculant.

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