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Do you know the color of silicone products?

Date of issue:2019-12-26 15:38
Many consumers are because some color and appearance of products and attract, especially in the case of gifts and crafts are common, as is known to all, silica gel products belongs to the external practical internal and beautiful type of rubber and plastic products, in the life of is also widely used, in addition to the functional role it can achieve the result of multicolor and saturated color, mainly in terms of appearance color also invested a lot of time to allocate, then mixing process in detail what methods?

Must first know the color masterbatch pigment dye used material is silicone material, silicone material, add all sorts of color additives reaches a certain color effect and its compound fertilizer is mainly aimed at the silicone products of raw materials and allocate, cannot be used with other material, colour can be used for any product without the influence, such as life silicone products, silicone accessories, silicone gifts, as well as some electronic peripheral accessories and so on.

What are the basic properties of silica gel color masterbatch?
 light resistance of silica gel masterbatch
The light resistance of silica gel masterbatch refers to the ability of the masterbatch to resist light. The pigment was dispersed in a certain medium to make a sample, which was then compared with the sample card of "blue standard for fastness to sunshine" to compare the degree of discoloration under the specified light source and after exposure for a certain period of time.
The heat resistance of silica gel masterbatch
The heat resistance of silica gel masterbatch refers to the ability of masterbatch heat resistance, the larger the number, the better the heat resistance. The pigment was dispersed in polyolefin to make a standard color of one third, and remained in the injection molding machine for 5 minutes after molding.
The resistance of silica gel color mother to migration
The translocation resistance of silica gel masterbatch refers to the ability of translocation of masterbatch. Translocation refers to the migration of colouring agent from the inside of the product to the surface of the product or from a product through the interface to the product and the solvent.
During the production and processing of silica gel masterbatch, under the action of auxiliaries, silica gel masterbatch is thoroughly connected with the carrier through abundant mixing. In the use, according to a certain share in the silica gel to be processed, color mother quickly into the character, and the silica gel recognize "in-laws". Affinity - compatibility is significantly better than toner color, therefore, about the production of film and silica gel products manufacturers, more can be realized.

What should the choose and buy of silica gel color mother consider?
From the perspective of silica gel products processing manufacturers -- in order to produce general silica gel masterbatch, it is necessary to choose a higher level of heat resistance, suitable for a wide range of pigments, and pigment powder temperature level to a certain degree, each increase of 10℃ ~ 20℃, the cost of pigments will rise 50% ~ 100%.



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