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Does cat litter work? What is the principle

Date of issue:2019-12-26 16:07
Silica gel cat litter is the use of silica gel this characteristic refined processing. Silica gel cat litter is mainly composed of silica dioxide, non-toxic and pollution-free, is a kind of domestic green products. After using the cat litter will be dug to bury it. Silica gel cat litter has a white granular appearance and is light in weight and low in breakage, which can inhibit bacterial growth.
1. Strong deodorization. It can absorb the smell of urine or feces and keep the air in your room clean and odor-free.
2. Super fast moisture absorption. It can absorb the moisture in the urine and feces of pets in a very short time. Moisture absorption up to 80% of its weight and still keep the appearance dry.
3. Lasting effectiveness. Four pounds/bag of litter can last a cat more than a month.
4. Strong antibacterial. Because the litter box is dry, the growth of bacteria is reduced. If you use antiseptic cat litter, it also has a bactericidal effect.
5. Easy to handle. Silica gel cat litter does not agglomerate, leaving no marks, no dust, light specific gravity, less garbage, can be treated as ordinary garbage; Convenient and safe for family use.


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