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What is scented silica gel?

Date of issue:2019-12-26 16:14
Fragrance silicone
Main ingredients: natural essence, silica, a variety of types, stabilizer product specification Φ 2-4 mm round balls, mainly are pearls, green, blue, red, yellow and a variety of mixed color silica gel.
Usage: this product is widely used in production and life because of its beautiful color and brilliant luster, as well as its fragrance for a long time. Can be placed in the car, bedroom, bathroom and other places as interior decoration, as the first choice for air purification products. Dosage is placed inside the bedroom of 20 square metre 50 gram fragrance silica gel, can make the bedroom stays sweet durably inside 30 days.
Features: 1. Strong adsorption capacity. Can effectively remove indoor odor. 2 non-toxic and harmless to human body. Beautiful, with light fragrance. 4 wide range of applications.
USES: 1, used in the hotel, guesthouse, office, family bedroom, toilet, kitchen, etc., can have the effect of removing peculiar smell, fresh purify air, make the person clear head, improve the work efficiency. 2, for office stationery, shoes and hats, clothing, headwear, gift packaging can achieve moisture absorption, remove odor, send out fragrance, improve the class taste and other functions. 3, put in the ashtray can remove cigarette odor, fresh ambient air. 4. It can be used in the driving room of cars and all kinds of vehicles to improve the inside air, so that drivers can drive easily in a fresh and comfortable environment, and enhance drivers' attention and reaction.

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