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The principle of silica gel in beer

Date of issue:2019-12-26 16:16
Beer silica gel is mainly used for beer filtration, beer filtration is a necessary product, is a amorphous, porous structure of solid powder. The pore diameter is 8 ~ 16nm, the silica gel will not react in beer, will not affect beer taste, non-toxic, tasteless, and the price is not high, compared to PVPP is much cheaper. Beer silica gel can be divided into dry silica gel and water silica gel, harmless to human body. It is easy to absorb turbid protein and turbid polyphenol polymer to remove impurities and odor, improve the quality of beer, extend the shelf life and storage period of beer, and effectively improve and ensure the quality of finished beer.
Product features:
1, insoluble in water and any solvent, not with acid, alkali, salt reaction. Non - toxic, tasteless, non - combustion, non - explosion, hot, cold stability.
2, water absorption does not expand, thus does not increase wine damage, and can reduce waste. The best economy can be obtained by reasonable use.
3, Suitable pore volume, aperture and specific surface area.
4, stable chemical properties, no beer soluble, and can improve the filter effect, make beer more bright and clear.
5, The storage period of beer can be extended 180-240 days to prevent cold and cloudy beer.
6, can be in a few minutes to cause the beer turbid protein adsorption, filtration removed. With large specific surface area and suitable microporous structure, it is harmless to human body.

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