Alumina sol

At present, the aluminum sol sold in the domestic market is mainly hydrochloric acid method of high alkalinity aluminum sol, commonly known as salt aluminum glue, PH value is 2-3, is a strong acid.

The aluminum sol has the properties of adhesiveness, thixotropy, easy dispersion, reversibility of water solubility, suspension, positivity, adsorbability and stability.
Can be widely used in petrochemical catalysts, aluminum silicate fiber and high temperature resistant materials such as ceramic forming binder, pottery and porcelain enamel glaze additive, velvet and electrostatic knitted velvet flocking of antistatic agent, fabric and fiber processing and film former and antistatic agent, precision casting of aluminum oxide casting materials, paints and coatings of emulsifier and stabilizer, paper surface treatment agent, greenhouses antifoggant, waterproofing agent, etc., can also be used for inorganic fiber, activated alumina, high purity alumina, enamel, daily necessities, paper and other industries.

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